Saturday, March 22, 2008


Answers For Traffic

Traffic is the Key node of all Internet business. When I started this blog Most probably I am the only Person to read this blog. I am not interested in spending dollars for advertisement moreover I don't have a initial amount for my blog so I decided to think how to get more traffic for my Blog.

There are many websites which promise you to give massive traffic for free But that is Impossible. You must spend at least $20 - $200 to do a ad campaign in the Internet. But I was in a tight pocket situation so I decided to Use this Easy method.

The main advantage of this method is we can get targeted traffic.
Every one off us know the Yahoo Answers where we can get Answers for our questions. The real thing that most of us don't know is this that there are several thousand peoples out there with Questions to be answered in all category.

Now what's the plan ? The Plan is first select your category and begin to answer the questions. At the end of the questions you can put a link back to your sites. Simple isn't it. yes it must be.

Now how how to get maximum visitors to your site?
When you answer the questions you must answer them in the way such that the must be benefit. So Don't just answer but also help them and make a reputation for you.

so I will meet you in another post.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


New Way to earn online with friends

Yesterday I came across a site called New yuwie. The special thing in this is you can earn money from your friends. The earning is depend on the number of persons you know.

All you have to do is to join the site and do some blogging, upload pictures, upload images and share them. To do that they will pay you for that. You may now think How I will earn from this, The fact is yuwie will place ads on all pages of your blog, the area around the pictures and videos. Now if any one visit your page the ads will shown to them and yuwie will get paid for that. So yuwie will share its profit with you.

Now what I have to do?

You just join Yuwie and start to blog, upload picture, and what ever you can. And make everyone to visit your blog, your profile page, picture page, etc. When this is done you will get paid for that.

The payment is alloted to you by this format. Cost per 1000 page views.

You can earn extra from your referrals too. You have the chance to earn upto 10 level referral deep. They say that,

IF you and Referral under you can make 3 persons to join under your referral line and have 34 page views a day then you can earn more than $10,000 per month.

Yes, you can also earn if anyone see the page of a person who joined under you, and if anyone see the page of a person who joined under that person and it will go till the last tenth person.
See how much can you earn.....

So you just have to make your friends to just visit the page. That's all done.

You just have to work for bringing visitors to your pages and make to join under you as a referral. The Best thing I know is no one can join the yuwie with out a referral so you cannot join yuwie without a person who is already a member. Don't worry you can join yuwie Right now by clicking the link below.

Don't forgot that the page view is he key factor to earn money with New yuwie

Join yuwie now

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ad Placement for high click

You may have amazing traffic, you may get 10000 unique visitors per day, Imaging if you didn't got a single click on it.

YES, Placing the ads in the page plays a vital roll in the adsense earning. The visitors of your site will not search for the ads to click and you also cannot say to click the ads. You must make your ads more visible to your visitors. I saw several blogs with Google ads but they will be at the very bottom of the blog or anywhere in the page that cannot be seen. or in the side bar which will never going get a single click on it.

So you have a question, Then where I place the ads? The placing ads must be within the content and as the content. you can place the ads in the starting of the blog post. this will grab the attention of the readers. When they try to read the blog post the will look for the starting of the article, when they do this they will see the ads so now you have a chance to get clicked.

The best method that will help you to get maximum clicks is to blend the ads with the content. The content is attached to the ads. Some blogger templates does not support this format, however you can do this in your own HTML web design.

Some people place all the here and there in their blog. I saw a blog with the ads all placed in the right side of the blog. This seams like the blogger posted the links of his favorites, in the next second you will get at least one click. Like this there are several bloggers who are using a different king of techniques to get maximum clicks from their visitors.

The biggest advantage is we can place 3 ad units and 3 adsense for content. So we have a variety of choice to place ads.

Many people don't uses the ad units. They are very powerful medium of ads, so use the link units were ever you can. I already said about the ad units enough in the previous posts, So you want to review that use the blog archives.

In the next post I will tell you about the best color for the ads.


It is Ad not only Domain

Domain names most of us heard about this and some of us not. The domain name is a url which will be like , .org , .net and so on.

This is not only a name to website, but it will also give a credibility to your customers on you. Ok now let's get into a customer shoes, will you purchase a product from a free website holder or a Real website holder? Obviously from a real website peoples. Aren't you?

So that I am saying you to purchase a domain and a hosting account. That is never going to cost you a million. To register a domain name it will cost you only less than $8 and hosting will cost you as low as $6 per month. Dose this looks great? It must be.

So go and get a good domain name.

Some good hosting companies.
This is a yahoo hosting company, they also offer a small business hosting account and it is cheap too. If you can't design a website you can get a hosting account and place a redirection page to your free page. while you use frames during the redirection to a free page will not reveal that you are using a free page.
Another hosting company is Host Monster. they provide you a cheap hosting account and a better one and a best thing is they will give you a free domain forever. Through out your life you never have to renew your Domain name. They will cost you less than $6 per month.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Free search engine traffic

Increasing web site traffic does not require you to spend much money on them but they requires some little work. It is true that, you can get more web site traffic absolutely free. All you really have to do is find out how to make the search engines turn towards your website or blog. And it is very easy than you think.

Getting the search engine traffic is like attracting the safety pins with a magnet. without a magnet you can't attract a safety pin. Here the content and some other factors are the magnet and the safety pins are the search engines.

Getting the search engine traffic is like attracting the safety pins with a magnet

We all heard about a word SEO (Search engine optimization). What is a Search engine optimization. It is changing or modifying you website or blog to make the search engines list you in the top position. A small change can increase your search engine traffic never been before, or those same things can make your website get banned by Search engines. So it is safe to learn some basics of search engine optimization.

Some Techniques to get Search Engine Traffic and Hits:

Since the day from the search engines came into picture of traffic, the content has been the key way to get traffic. Search engines love good content and your readers too.

Updating the content is another important factor that determine the rank. Your visitors as well as the search engine need update of your website. Therefore, add quality content to your website as regular as possible.

Make your page titles descriptive and relevant. This will makes it easier for the search engines to show your site or blog under the relevant keywords so that you acquire most of the visitors looking for same content as in your site. You may think why the tittle, because they will be shown as the description in the search engine results.

Use keywords wherever you can, in the title, in the content, in the links, and everywhere. The titles are important, the content should have moderate amount of keywords. When you use more and more keywords, search engines tend to look negatively at your webpages.

Start building up as many one-way backlinks as you can. Article submission, directory submission, blogging, etc. When other popular web sites link to your site, your search engine ranking will increase, and that means your search engine traffic will increase.

If you really want to increase search engine traffic, then you have to educate yourself on search engine "optimization. That is really the only free way to get targeted web site traffic.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


How to Insert adsense code to your blog?

The main difficult that most of the new adsense user have is this " How to insert a adsense code to our blog?"

It is very easy to ad a adsense code to your blog. and to do that follow the following steps.

Since the is the famous and most used blogging platform, we shall take that for our example. The following are the steps to "how add a adsense code to your blog?".

There are two Methods to add the adsense code to your blog.

Method 1
1) First login to your adsense account.

2) Go to adsense setup and get the code.

3) Now login to your account.

3) Now you will b
e in the blogger Dashboard. click the layout link in dash board (see the image below)
4) Under layout select Page elements (by default it will be Page elements).

5) In that there will be a option called Add a Page Element.Find it and select it. (see the picture below)
6) A new window will open. In that the will be a option called

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

7) Select it. Give it a title or leave it blank. In the content text area paste the adsense code. and save it.

8) Now see your blog the ads will be there.

It may take few seconds for ads to appear on your blog. If ads are not shown up please wait for 10 - 15 minutes and then reload you blog.

Still the ads are not shown up. Please contact me with the form at the of this blog. I will tell you the second method. Or Are you still interested to know about the second method? Just ask me with the form below.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008


More than One Account ?

The frequent and interesting Question that I receive from my students and clients is "Essai can I have more than one account?".

The most curious part in this is most of the peoples says that " No strictly not! You can have ONLY ONE adsense account. Having multiple adsense account is Against the TOS of Adsense"

But I would say that "Yes, you can Have more than one account "

"Yes, You can have more than one account. "
Sounds good to me and how about you ?

Stop ! Before creating an account read this article first, because it's IMPORTANT. Google Adsense allow you to have a personal account and a business account. That means When you sign up for adsense select the category of account type as personal account. And then sign up for a Business account but with another name that means with your company name or in your mother, father's name.

The main thing you have to care about is to have a bank account with the name you specified in the application form.

For example: If your name in Personal account is Peter.
And your name in Business account is XYZ Corporation.
then you should have two different bank accounts with the name Peter and XYZ corporation.

That's all. Go and create a Business account and use the account for good will.

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Friday, March 7, 2008


Invalid clicks and Invalid Impressions

Is Making money online with Google Adsense the only aim of yours? If so please I am sorry to say that You can't make money with adsense. Yes, I work for money not for google but we must genuine to Adsense. The common mistake that most of the adsense Publishers do is clicking on their own ads.

By clicking on ads sometimes may happen in accident, But don't click the ads with purpose. You may get banned by google and you will never never be able to create another account like creating a gmail account.

Some how for knowing about accident clicks, I contacted some adsense professionals and they gave me the same answer that I got from adsense. That is

I accidentally clicked on my own ads. Will this cause a problem for my account?

Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur. We therefore don't require that you contact us every time you click on your ads. Rest assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid.

So this answer from google will give some break about thinking of getting banned by Google Adsense.

Please don't take advantage of this answer and start clicking on your own ads Google is not that much fool . They can track you at any cost. So please never ever click on your own ads. If it happened accidentally forgot it and Don't do it again. Feel free........

If you want to check your ads, download the adsense preview tool from google and check you ads.

For more answers Ask Essai using the form at the bottom of the site.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Website Vs Blogs Which is Best

Website or blog Which is best. This one of the great topic when the blogs are first introduced some years back in mid 2002 and 2004 (I am not sure about the dates but most probably).

The blog is nothing but the Short form of Weblogs. The blog is like keeping your diary, till the king of advertisement adsense came into pictures. When the adsense introduced after 2002 the blogs became more professional than diary. The main advantage in the blog is they are easy to use. We can update the blogs very easily without any programing knowledge.

When we came into the consideration of Websites. they are very cool very very cool if you know the programing languages. I am a Computer profession student so I love to make websites on my own. But what the main problem is the HTML is not the only language in the web design field there are other programs like JavaScript, .net, and much more. Just im.

Even for a computer profession designing a web page for himself is a unbearable thing. I hate to design websites. If you design a website of your own you will know that.

Website Vs Blogs

1) Easy to update.
2) Easy to edit at any time
3) Free blogs are available all over the internet.
4) No programing skill is required.

1) Not Easy to update
2) Not easy to edit when ever you want.
3) Free hosting is available all over the internet.(advantage)
4)Programing Skill is must.

With the over all Review the BLOG won the race at the end.

Yes blogs are more easier to update and use. Use the blogs for adsense. The blogs are easy to use in

If you have any doubt in this or about adsense, Ask Essai with the help of form below.

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How Adsense Put ads in sites

Actually the Google has a Software called spiders. These spiders are designed in such a way that they can read the content, links and look for keywords in your blog or website. A special thing in that is they read not only your website, but also the websites that you listed in your blog or websites.

For example, If you give me a link back to me in your site, When the Google spiders read the content and link in your site it will also read my site because it read a link in your site.

When you make a new post the ads will not change suddenly because there are adsense publishers all over the world who change their content of their site. So the spider have to read those sites also, it will take sometime mostly from 15 to 45 minutes to ads get changed.

When the spiders finished crawling your site it will report the google about your site like what is the sites about, what ads will be suitable for that and etc .. Once the adsense softwares gets the report the will change the ads in your site with the publisher id in your code. Within minutes you have new ads ta da that's all.

Some times my ads will not be clicked by My visitors, Because I post the contents frequently sometimes 6 to 7 posts per hour. I will work in my leisure time so the contents are frequently changed to answer my visitors, This is the reason for sometimes ads in my blog will not look so relevant to my post. I won't consider them. I just want to retain my visitors and keep them happy anyway.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Get Targeted Visitors to your site

Traffic Traffic Traffic this is the main problem that all AdSense users have. The solution is not to get the visitors to your site but the targeted visitors to your site. Our main idea is to get the maximum clicks from the visitors. So optimize the site that the visitors get attention towards the ads in our site.

The easy way to get the attention of the visitor is to use the border less large rectangle ad box in the site. The Background must be similar to the blogs background so that the ads will not look like ads. In presto you will get instant clicks on the ads which means DOLLARS.

In presto you will get instant clicks on the ads which means DOLLARS.

The blog with only pictures and links will not get the Highest paying ads most probably a low value ads. Your blog is about Music and Nature, So you posted some pictures and links pertaining to nature and music. When Google's robot look your blog to place ads. your blog will contain only the images and link, they can't find the keywords to place the relevant ads in your sites.

For example your site is about Nature and Music and your site is with only links & images then they can't find what type of site is yours so they will place only the low very low cost ads. Moreover the blog or website which is about music and nature will have the ads of
ICICI, IBM, Travel agencies etc . . . Which has no connection between music and them. your visitors come to to your site to get something about music not about loans or offer coupons of any travel agencies. so they will never going to click on the ads.

So before you post some pictures and links please make sure that you have some valid content about music or nature ( at least 9 to 15 lines ). You may not want to be a geek in music to write about music. Just write I love music because.....
why i love music.... I love this music..... Any thing but make sure that the content is about the music. This is applicable for all type of blogs and websites.

The are other factors that decide the click through rates. We don't want to get mess up with that at the same time. let's move one step at a time. First implement it and see weather the ads are relevant to your content. It may take 10 to 15 min to ads get changed.

If your are not satisfied with this answers Don't hesitate to ask Essai about adsense anytime. We are waiting for your Questions.

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Monday, March 3, 2008


Hi, I am Essai An adsense expert. I am just 18 but I have been in this bussines for past 2 years. You may think before 2 years I am 16 years old then how could be a adsense account holder ..? The answer is I am a adsense mentor on that age by helping several peoples online with the help of forums. Now I am 18 I got adsense account when I applied for the first time itself and started earning a fortune.

I started this blog to help Adsense owners. Because I received many emails from my clients having doubt in adsense and most of them ask the same questions.
I am really busy that I can't concentrate my focus on only answering them, to solve this problem i came up with this new idea of starting a blog only for solving the problem of adsense owners.

So if you have any questions use the email form below the page to ask me the question.
I will answer your questions as soon as possible (most probably within 24 to 48 hours). Happy asking